Restocking your yacht before the season starts

The next yacht charter season is on the horizon. As summer approaches, superyacht owners and charter guests alike are getting ready for a season of relaxation and luxury. No superyacht experience would be complete without some fine dining, and that’s where Amiramour’s luxury table decorations come in. We are here to share our experience and guide you through the best approaches to ensuring your superyacht is perfectly restocked this yachting season. 

Forward planning is always recommended, and with a new season forever on the horizon, you’re bound to already have your potential inventory in mind. Dedicating the same level of organisation to restocking your superyacht will help alleviate stress and prevent the risk of last-minute orders not arriving on time. 

An appreciation for luxurious decoration can elevate an experience, providing distinction to your voyage. Amiramour matches functionality with stunning, decorative designs, while also supplying your yacht with functional and necessary pieces that will ensure confidence in your charter. Even the simple essentials such as placemats, cutlery, napkins, runners, and tablecloths allow you to exert a comfortable and rich atmosphere.



Restock with inspiration 

Our collection ‘Beach Bum’ is a personal favourite that will offer you a colourful experience inspired by the shores and coastal elements. This collection combines some of our most beautiful pieces while guaranteeing you have all the necessities to provide a perfect table setting. 

Featuring our stunning Faux Wave Coral, you can enjoy your own coral table decorations without damaging our precious and delicate sea life. For those enamoured by the sea, this collection features the Round Table Coral Runner which brings the sea bed directly to your table without taking anything from our oceans. This collection is a must-have for the coming season. 

Another favourite that shouldn’t be missed from our ‘Ocean Passage’ collection is Carlo Este dinner plates by Furstenberg. Artistic and noble, the luxurious shades of gold combined with discreet green hues put this piece high on the list. Paired with Belvedere Cutlery your dining table will be set to impress this season.

Luxury table decorations can transform a simple meal into a memorable experience. By adding elegant candles, vases, glassware and beautiful serveware, you can create an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and inviting, leaving your guests feeling pampered and indulged. 

From bejewelled, marine-inspired centrepieces to intricately detailed placemats, our extensive range of table decorations can assist you in restocking for the season ahead.


Restock with Amiramour 

Planning allows you to prepare for events, holidays, and general celebrations that will take place within your yacht as well as everyday dining. Our online boutique showcases premium and luxury table decorations that can meet your desires, delivering quality craftsmanship. If you’re restocked already then perhaps a few tips on setting a superyacht dining table will help deliver the finishing touch. 

Amiramour is an online boutique showcasing premium and luxury table decorations designed for yachts and super yachts alike. We can provide your vessel with the flair it deserves. 

We aspire to evoke inspiration and provide every element you need to host your special occasion, themed event or dinner party – all in one place. 

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