How to Set Your Table for the Top 5 Yachting Destinations

If you're looking to add an extra element of fun while entertaining your superyacht guests, you can focus on immersing them in the culture and aesthetic of your destination. Onboard a superyacht, travel possibilities are infinite, and with an endless list of beautiful marinas to choose from, the cultural personalities and locational quirks of each destination may help you decide on the next place to anchor. When paired with local food, well-curated luxury table decor makes all the difference in engaging your passengers, wherever you may find yourself. Decorative pieces can hone in on the spirit of a location and make the overall dining event a memorable one.


The Monagasque approach to table decoration focuses on rich contemporary luxury, which resonates through the French Riviera. Cuisine in this part of Europe is heavy on tradition but the contemporary class of visitors to Monaco means that a modern take is needed when planning decor for the table.

It is key to embodying Monaco’s lavish lifestyle is to incorporate something unique like a sculpture or nautical piece to tie the whole display together. If you want an interesting addition or centrepiece our Bejewelled Lola the Lobster is a great start. Use small but frequent inclusions of gold and silver as a nod to the affluence of the Monte Carlo Casino. For an eye-catching ornament celebrating the rich heritage of the local marinas, we suggest our Faux Giant White and Champagne Shell or our Flux Napkin Ring in Gold by Kim Seybert. The subtlety of these colours will give off an air of uncomplicated sophistication, perfect for wowing those who choose to charter yachts here.

The Santorini-inspired collection by Giardino Segreto (above) is a perfect tool in your table decorating arsenal for a Greek-inspired look.


Greece’s ancient maritime roots give a perfect excuse to use a lot of fresh nautical colours and references to the age of antiquity. Arguably the origin of democracy and civilisation, you should be focussing on a compelling minimalist look which incorporates simple sea-like colours and gold.


As a nod to the artifacts of ancient Greece, a good use of pottery would be ideal for adding to your table. The timeless silhouette of vases of this historical era is well reflected in our Maria Rose Porcelain Mini Vase by Rosenthal which can be filled with an amazingly vibrant artificial flower arrangement. Keep the theme alive with something classic but also aquatic, like our Crab Beaded Drink Coaster by Joanna Buchanan, which echoes the artistry and intricacy of mosaics of the past.


The stereotypical images that come to mind when imagining oneself being on the water in and around Italy almost always involve crisp blue seas and renaissance architecture dotting the shoreline. The vast mountainsides and lakes dotted around, give off a tremendously grandiose atmosphere amid some striking colours. It is also no secret that Italian cuisine is packed with incredibly bold and intense flavours, so your tableware should be on par.


The Taormina Tablecloth  (above) is our go-to for adding bright and zesty colours to a table setting, inspired by the hit series ‘The White Lotus’

Include some Bright blues for napkins and tablecloths to let your table reflect those crystal shores. When choosing a candleholder don’t forget to purchase a wonderful LED candle in white to set the ambience for an authentic Italian dining experience. Don’t forget to make a statement with gold-plated cutlery and a luxury dinner set featuring a leather tray to celebrate the rich heritage of Italian leather.


Scandinavia as a yachting destination is not for those seeking a warm climate but more for the fantastic open vistas. Your surroundings will consist of fjords and distant snowcapped mountains, so a display that accentuates warmth is a must. A rustic theme is what can transform your table in this setting, with an emphasis on earthy tones and simple attractive pieces.

Make use of an understated hue of green to emulate the nature of the mossy rocks and vast pine forests by using basket-weave-inspired placemats and table runners. Keep the rural atmosphere of Northern Europe alive with a sprig or two of reed grass or pine branches for the central flower arrangement. A patterned tablecloth with woodland imagery would be a welcome reference to the environment onshore while you enjoy the fresh seafood from this part of the world with a high-quality caviar box.


The generally mild year-round climate of Portugal calls for a lot of warmth to be incorporated into the overall look of your table. With hot summers and the red clay tiles of the rooftops expanding across the horizon of the coast, there is a vibrant mix of design cues that you can use as inspiration.

Infuse the vivid and fertile landscape of the Iberian peninsula into your floral arrangement with elegant orchids and serve wine from our Insulated Carafe in Mango by Pigment France into Varga crystal wine glasses. Offset the deep colours with striking white porcelain dinnerware calling back to the walls of coastal villas. Add a clash of green to fulfil the whole spectrum of the Portuguese flag, and to incorporate the sealife you could encounter on your trip, with an attractive and unique Bejewelled Octopus centrepiece.

Every location has its visual dialect and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the inspiration your surroundings can give you. Amiramour stocks a wide array of table decor and luxury dinnerware brands for all occasions and eventualities, so that you can treat your guests to a captivating experience. 

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